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     In 1895, when he was 18 years old, William F. Helmrich started a produce / seafood business.  William's father August, a wagon maker, made a wagon for William on his 18th birthday.  He used this wagon to transport the produce and seafood from the railroad station to the local population.  This business was known as William F. Helmrich's Seafood.  William was the first person to bring fish and seafood into the Williamsport area.  He contracted with the local railroad to bring the seafood in each week by boxcar (See picture below).  During WWI, William brought 25,000 lbs. of Whiting to Williamsport from Cape May on the overnight rail service.  In the middle of winter the fish would stay cold long enough to distribute to the local area.       


     In 1912, William married Lulu and they eventually had three sons named William S. (1914), Charles (1917), and Oliver (1921).  William S. (Bill) and Charles worked for their father for many years while growing up and when their father became ill Bill and Charles started to assume the responsibilities of the business.  In 1942, William F. Helmrich passed away and Bill and Charles partnered to operate the business.  They changed the name to Helmrich's Bros.  Later Charles became the sole operator of the business.  Charles and his wife Violet lived above the business on 5th Street in Williamsport.  Charles and Violet had four children - Suzanne, Vic, Diane, and Robert.


     While growing up in the late 50's Robert began working at the business.  On October 1, 1978 Robert and Harry Mann purchased the business from Charles.  As partners, Robert and Harry expanded the business to restaurants and retailers throughout central Pennsylvania.  Helmrich's Seafood expanded the business into Weis grocery stores (Danville & State College) and the Lewisburg Farmers Market in the 1980's.  Robert eventually purchased Harry Mann's shares and now is the sole owner.  Today, the main business operations are conducted in Williamsport (As seen below).


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